Smart Homes

“Hey Siri, Tell Alexa to let Google Assistant know it’s time to tell Cortana to turn the heating down to 20 degrees”

“Finding a recipe for Tacos”….

“Not to worry, I’ll do it myself!”

Smart Homes, Home Tech, Gadgets or Gizmos were once the sole ownership of the wealthy, now some 35 years on they are found in Electronic Stores, D.I.Y Chains and on-line at many different sources – the future it seems, has become affordable.

There have been many changes in technology over past decades, I remember when it took three people to move a TV, now Mick Jagger at the age of 74 could throw a 60″ flat screen TV from his hotel window without even the smallest of twinges in his back. Whilst cars are now so advanced I keep waiting for them to transform into a giant robots and take on the world.

The Home Of Tomorrow – Today

Where to begin? It’s a valid question, after all we are all different and don’t have the exact same needs or budgets – the first thing I would suggest is asking yourself, before you run off and spend a small fortune is… Do you need it?

You do? Great ! Then you, like me are a marketers dream – there is nothing quite like pressing an app on your phone to turn on a lamp that is two foot from your hand, opening that blind whist your still in bed to save you getting up or starting the dishwasher – even if you forgot to fill it.

Whilst there are people who would hugely benefit from this technology for most of us these are just ‘shortcuts’ to our daily lives. As already stated dishwashers don’t fill or empty themselves, light bulbs don’t change themselves and ovens cant cook anything unless you prep the food first.

Lets have a run down of some of the tech our Smart Homes can have:


Wi-fi is generally a must to run these gadgets, you can use Bluetooth but if you are away from your home it wont work! You will also need a controller, like your smart phone, which is either in your pocket, two inches from your hand or actually in your hand.


Most of your existing equipment might well already be Wi-Fi enabled, so linking it to your phone or tablet will be relatively easy with the right app.

For audio on your TV you can connect a wireless Surround Sound System for a real Home Theatre Experience that is sure to blow your socks off.

Or why not have your music piped around the house with speakers sunk into the ceiling, allowing each room to either be playing your greatest hits or separate your play list by room.

Throw away all those remotes and just use one app to control your TV, Movie selections and Music.

In The Kitchen

Although not quite at the point of being able to do everything for you whilst you’re sunning in the back garden or doing some shopping, there are many things you can have in your kitchen.

If you are stuck for an idea of what you might be cooking tonight, don’t worry the fridge will know what it has inside and give you recipes for those ingredients and you’ll never run out because the fridge will do all your grocery ordering for you.

Time to turn down the oven or slow cooker? Not to worry, use your app from wherever you may be.

Set your dishwashers and tumble dryers to come on at off peak times, well you’ll need to save a bit of money after spending it on this lot. Some dryers now switch off when they detect that the clothes are dry, Yay – no more crispy boxer shorts.


You are away on holiday, relaxing on the beach and as usual the weather back home has changed from torrential rain to glorious sunshine, you know because your gardening app is telling you to use the sprinklers and water your lawn.

Before you water the lawn though, send out your lawn mower to give it a trim.


Now you’re talking – all though not every chore can be left to automation at the moment, there are many cleaning devices making there way to the market.

In the mean time whilst you are working why not set off the vacuum cleaner to do your carpets or the mop for those hard floors?

Start the shower cleaner at the same time as your automated window cleaner and have a sparkly bathroom when you get home.

Forgot to clean the BBQ before tonight’s guests turn up? or maybe the litter tray needs cleaning out, sit back and relax (after you have pressed the app that is)


And on the fifth day I said let there be light, and there was … it would have been the third day but I was too busy with the shower cleaner.

Automated lights that can be turned on, off or dimmed with the power of your voice and to think I was amazed at the ‘clapper’ !

Why not time your lights to come on when your on your way home, or set them to go on and off whilst you are on holiday.

Install bathroom lights that turn on as you enter the room or any room for that matter, just don’t stand still for too long or your motion wont be detected!


There is no point in heating an empty house, so why not have it switch off as you leave the house and turn on when you 15 minutes away. Or from the comfort of your couch just raise it that extra degree as the night time gets a little colder.


The perfect alarm, beautiful sunshine streaming in through your window – what a way to wake up, and the whole house is open to the sunlight too (except the teenagers room, that has to stay pitch black until after 2pm).

Set them to close when the early darkness starts to close in, and when you get home the blinds are down, the heating is on and the lights are welcoming.


You can answer the door bell from the other side of the globe or check to make sure your windows and doors are locked – no more panicking on the way to the airport.

Security cameras can beam everything that is going on in and around your home straight to your chosen device, so you will always know what is going on (Including that party you didn’t know was happening)


This is nothing to do with Home Automation, but you will need put a fitness app on your phone – after all you won’t be getting up to turn on light, opening curtains or going shopping for groceries, so you might as well do some sit ups!

My Concerns:

I can see it now the year is 2025 and my new toaster has just become self aware and because I didn’t ask it to lightly toast me some granary bread that morning, it gets the hump.

The lights are going on and off, the blinds up and down, the fridge keeps ordering carrots and the music system around the house is playing the theme from “The Terminator” – all that before the toaster selects the self destruct button for the house.

Message to 2018 self: “Comply with the Toaster!”









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