Curb Appeal

A quick look at the property portals shows that over 90% of properties advertised are with a picture of the front of the property – which also might tell us that potential purchasers, like a book, will judge it by its cover.

It is this first external picture that can encourage the buyer to look through the rest of your property details or make a viewing – if you are getting viewings then this will generate offers and selling is the aim!

Also, there are still many purchasers who like to drive around an area and if they spot your board and then like what they see, then there is a fair chance of another viewing being made.

Although hardly anyone who buys a home spends a majority of their time standing outside the front admiring it, I like to think of “Curb Appeal” as beautiful wrapping paper, tied with a ribbon, a stunning bow and a large gift tag with “A Present For You – Mr & Mrs Buyer XXX” written on it.

So lets start wrapping shall we?

Choosing The Paper

You will need to look at two bits for you initial wrapping process, the outside of the actual property and the pathway leading to it.


Do you need a new front door? Is the render on the outside in need of replacing or freshening up? How about the windows? – If you need to chose new windows or a door, pick the ones that make a statement and compliment your properties style.

If they all just need a quick fix such as a re-paint, pick shades that work well together. Neutral shades for your homes rendering and then using colour palettes make your front door stand out and accentuate it with colours for your frames.


This is The Red Carpet to your new looking front door, maybe you can get the jet washer out and lift years of grim from it and leave it looking fresh, but normally this will need an over haul.

Broken paving slabs, cracked concrete paths or weeds growing through your stones won’t show you home in the best light that you really need to grab the buyers attention, so I would suggest a remodel that forms part of your new property style.

Choosing The Ribbon

Time to make that front door look really appealing, well the buyers will all be knocking at it – but is you door furniture up to scratch?

Take a look at your letter box, door knockers and handles are they tarnished and worn? if so think about the style of replacement before you go off to buy some more. Is it the Modern look, Traditional or Victorian style that would look just right?

Is your House number or name plaque screaming out that your home is number 1, does it represent what the buyers will see once they set foot inside your home?

Choosing The Bow

Although the ‘paper’ is the main event, the bow is the accompaniment that tries to be the show stopper.

With the outside of the property looking like gold and the Red Carpet laid, it’s time to add the extra touches and this means adding some colour and scents to your front garden. Even if you have a small patio area to the front you can utilize many forms of container to liven it up.

If you are selling immediately pick plants that are about to bloom and place them amongst evergreens to help to inject some colour around the garden.

Don’t forget you can add some Honeysuckle or Lavender near your entrance door to give off those really nice scents that will make your home memorable.

Choosing The Gift Tag

The final flourish to top off the gift is lighting, you never know when a potential purchaser may drive around and if it is in the evening why not have your home lit up?

Maybe your porch light needs replacing to fit in with the rest of your new eye candy or why not buy some solar powered lighting to lend a helping hand to those new features in your garden or to guide you down the pathway to the entrance?


Just like the cover of the book, you will have just made it passed the first hurdle – the advertising photographs of your home will be perfect, but not as stunning as the real thing is when a buyer arrives to view your home.

First impressions do count and when the buyer leaves you want to be first on their list when it comes to making an offer.


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