Say Goodbye To Tester Pots

There aren’t many thing that I dread, but painting rooms is up there near the top, it’s not the clearing of the room or masking it up so paint doesn’t go where it’s not needed or wanted, the thing that sends shivers down my spine is choosing a colour.

I have a pretty good idea of a colour and shade that I think would look great in a particular area and I dutifully report this back to my better half, who has a completely different opinion, looking to gather support I ask the kids – “No they don’t make paint with stripes and we’re not having glittery paint either”. There is only one thing for it, a trip to the DIY shop and buy 7 or 8 tester pots and try them on the wall, a twenty minute drive there, a further twenty to get back again, paint the tester pots on the wall, wait for them to dry, pick the best colour and drive back to the DIY shop to get the paint – it’s exhausting!

Looking for an easy solution to this problem I started to surf the net and found an app called Dulux Visualizer, downloaded it onto my phone and started to have some fun with it.


In a nut shell, you open the app and see the room or wall on your phones screen, choose the colour you like and tap the wall on your screen or multiple colours for different walls in a room and it paints them the colour you have chosen (and allows you to take a photo too), so instead of seeing a wall with a mass of multi coloured painted squares you can see how the whole wall would look in each colour.


This is my “go to” app when it comes to decorating (or sending pictures to my other half pretending I have painted the living room Shocking Pink!) the only downside I have found is that after you have chose the colour and viewed your room, you put down your phone and it’s still the same colour it was before, someone please invent walls that change colour at the press of a button!



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