Welcome Pack – Never Expected, But Great To Leave.

As an Estate Agent, during the sale of any property, I always asked the vendor to prepare a Welcome Pack for the new owners – the vendors either did or didn’t do it, I couldn’t force them but I hoped it would make their purchasers transition in to ‘their’ new home easier and like wise I hoped it would be repeated up the chain for everyone else.

I was not asking for the vendor to leave a bottle of Champagne or a basket of goodies (although I am sure some of them did) but rather, helpful and useful items to make the new owners life a little easier.


Utilities: Make a list of Gas, Electric and Water Companies that you currently use (if you have the telephone numbers to hand that would be awesome) .

Meter Cupboards: Where are they located? this helps the purchaser contact the relevant utility company and get registered.

Fuse Box: We have all been there, one second you are in glorious light, the next total darkness – let the purchaser know where it is located.

Stop Cock: No one like a water leak and when it happens the water needs to be shut off straight away – so let them know which cupboard it is hiding in.

Instructions: You may well be leaving all the kitchen appliances and still have their instructions or have the instructions for the gas fired boiler in a pile marked ‘read one day’, if so leave them out, you wont need them, but the new owners might.

Guarantees: Anything from kitchen appliances to double glazing, Damp and Timber to new boilers, new fire places to a new thermostat, anything is useful when its needed!

Useful Information: What day the bins are collected, where the nearest takeaway is (a heaven send on the day you move in – along with the off licence!) even any shortcuts or where the local tip is, can all be of great help.

There is nothing in that list that costs money and normally it is information that you have to hand, but it is so helpful to an incoming purchaser.

Who knows one day everyone might be doing it and it certainly is a lot better than what my vendors left me – no light bulbs, a loft and garage full of cardboard boxes and enough food behind the cooker to feed an army!







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