Your Walls Can Talk

Repainting your home or painting your new home for the first time can lead to endless discussions, trawling through various paint charts and be the cause of the odd argument. The reason behind this is we all see colours differently, they evoke different reactions and moods within us and even a subtle change in shade can lead to either a fuzzy feeling or a headache.

What are your walls saying about you?

ORANGE – Is a warm and friendly colour often associated with happiness, energy and enthusiasm and shows that you have a spontaneity about you. Whilst this isn’t a great colour to paint your bedroom in, it is for a light and airy kitchen/diner where you love to sit and natter away with friends over a coffee.

YELLOW – The colour of sunshine, an energetic colour which can stimulate intellect, yellow can transform a dark entrance hall or be an accompaniment to other colours in a main room. Try not to go to bright as this can cause anxiety, frustration or anger, instead use warm or buttery hues in you bathroom, kitchen or dining room.

RED – If you are looking to raise the energy within a room then look no further, red will stimulate conversation and appetite within the dining room or passion and warmth in the bedroom. I would suggest a feature wall as red can shrink the size of the room you are in.

BLUE – A calming and relaxing colour which can also soothe away a bad day, making it ideal for a bathroom or bedroom (especially a child’s room). If your room is full of natural light, the blue may seem a bit chilly and the darker shades of blue can bring on feelings of sadness.

GREEN – The colour of nature is also very restful upon the eye and calming too. Green helps you to unwind whilst promoting togetherness. Ideal for family rooms such as the living room, be warned though too much green around the home and it could make you to laid back.

BLACK – Black Death, Black Plague, not a very cheery colour is it? But used ever so sparingly it can create that certain elegance that no other colour is able to. If you over do it you run the risk of sucking all the light from the room and creating that sought after teenage angst.

BROWN – A natural and neutral colour making us think of earth and trees, but it also linked with appetite, why not try it in the kitchen or dining room and see if you can empty those plates.

PINK – The colour of love if you’re using a bright version or calming when using those subtle shades. So often just the choice for a little girls bedroom, but this colour can bring out a host of different emotions and feeling when used in a range of rooms.

My recommendations should you be selling your home is to use a range of neutrals and pastels, the colours are less likely to affect the purchaser in any way and will show off the size of your home, therefore increasing the chance of not only an offer, but one that is closer to the asking price.

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2 thoughts on “Your Walls Can Talk

  1. Love the articles and really enjoyed the guide to how to sell! But help – you missed out grey which is basically every room but one in our current house.


    1. Hi Hillary, thanks for reading and your lovely comment.
      This one is just for you:
      GREY – This colour very often gets a bad rap, we get grey hair and we dye it and if the weather is grey it’s a miserable day, even paint manufacturers try to lose the word grey. The lighter shades of grey can be calming and soothing whilst showing off an almost futuristic element. The darker shades, a bit like black can sap all the energy from a room leaving it feeling quite bleak. However, the beauty of grey is that you can hang the most vibrant of paintings or photographs on the wall and the grey will absorb the vividness and help to bring out the softer pastel colours.


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