Nespresso .. What Else?


Head hanging low and with black armband on, I unceremoniously dump my best friend into the dustbin. It woke me up in the mornings and kept me going throughout the day making those satisfying slurping noises that only a coffee machine could make.

I, like many people am a coffee lover, a coffeeholic or even a coffeephile, I have switched coffee houses to find the best cup for my palette and try all the different styles from espresso to macchiato, never settling on one type but finding the right cup for my mood.

When I switched on my machine that fateful morning and realised that the slurping and chug, chugging was going to be a memory of last nights after dinner espresso, I turned cold and started to shake – why? why me?

Discussions began in the house, a new machine was a priority, I couldn’t be woken up by the click of a kettle, it just wasn’t the same! We finally decided on George Clooney after all if he says “what else?” that must be the end of the conversation.

Into my home I bring the Nespresso Lattissima, it works on pods so no more messy ground coffee everywhere and has a detachable milk station removing the need for me to stand there with the milk jug as it heated up, the coffee list is impressive and Nespresso deliver it right to your door …. I’m like a child at Christmas, this is going to be the best day ever!


Firstly I fill the water tank so I can set the pours (the amount of coffee that will come out for each style of cup/style of coffee) Double Espresso, Americano, Cortado (yes, you can even set the amount of milk too) now onto the latte, my better halves favourite morning pick me up. The latte glass wont fit under the coffee spout, either its to big or the machine is too small .. gutted, never mind out comes the large coffee cup which fits fine.

Finally its coffee time, the moment of truth, Mr Clooney don’t let me down! “latte please, you chose the blend” comes the call from the living room. ‘Livanto’ is my choice an espresso blend, in goes the pod and I fill the milk tank with ice cold milk and hit the button….Silence….followed by a ‘Schhhhlurp’ and a satisfying chugging sound, that’s it Nespresso, do your stuff! A quick change of the milk froth dial just to give it a nice head before the coffee comes out and when it does the smell envelops my nostrils and to be fair the whole kitchen, its beautiful. As I am todays Barista, I add chocolate sprinkles to the latte and whisk it out to the living room and sit there awaiting the thumbs up from my better half …. and the verdict …. two thumbs up!

OK Nespresso, its 11.30am and time for a Cortado, a ‘Volluto’ for me, I tap the espresso button and again the room fills with a wondrous aroma followed by the milk button, when I have enough milk I tap it again and it cuts off. Being able to control how you have your coffee is fantastic and I feel is more personal. My eyes close as I raise the cup to my lips, just me and my coffee, nothing else matters at this point. I take a sip, followed by a gulp and another gulp, the cup is empty bar some coffee stained┬ámilky foam. Flavoursome indeed, aromatic of course but at the speed I drank it surely it would have scolded my throat, I like my coffee hot and have the ability to enjoy it over time rather than to just knock it back and be done with it!

I have tried many different ways of getting my coffee to temperature, pre-heating the cup, pre running a cycle with just hot water, making other coffees before making mine but I cant seem to get it as hot as I like, whilst my other half loves it and finds the temperature perfect, I have to disagree and whilst I truly do love the coffee and the way the machine works I am gutted that I have to place my coffee in the microwave for 30 seconds just to get it to temperature!

Verdict – At a size that would fit most kitchens without taking over the whole work surface, this machine will deliver any coffee that your heart desires. It’s ready to go in about 45 seconds and requires minimal cleaning after. The Nespresso App allows you to buy not only all of their fine coffee selection but also many other accessories including machine maintenance (the descaling kit is a must) which are delivered straight to your door, normally within 24 hours.

Nespresso … What Else? – How about a temperature control !!

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