There is nothing quite like home, we create memories right from the day we move in, the removal company dropping off your boxes, some of which even after 20 years remain in the attic. Choosing paint for the walls, buying new furniture to go with the new paint, stripping out the old kitchen and throwing away the avocado bathroom suite.

So, if you are thinking of selling your home, it’s not just about the house, it’s all about you too. Whilst no one can take away the memories that you have created in your home, there is always a degree of trepidation that the purchaser may take everything you have done to it and unceremoniously place it in a skip.

This is “attachment” and it is the very first part of moving that you should look at, even before calling out the Estate Agent to value your beloved abode. If your head is not in the right place whilst you are selling you may find yourselves glaring at the prospective purchaser, arguing with the Estate Agent and generally feeling miserable throughout the whole process.

You love your home, an agent will tell you that they love what you have done to it and buyers will say that they love it too, but there is really only one person wh loves it and that is you.

I have seen it happen over the years at almost every house that I have sold and that is where the difference is; I called it a house and you call it home. When you are selling, you are putting a valuable commodity on to the market place, walls, rooms, windows and a roof; not the love you have put into it. Likewise when you buy your next home, it will start of nothing more than a house.

Just take a step back, a long deep breath, a rather large glass of wine and remind yourself that all you are selling are the bricks and mortar, all those memories you have made will all be coming with you.


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